How IRS Form 8868 Can Change The 990 Deadline

990 Nonprofit Filer seeing how IRS Form 8868 can change the 990 deadline

Isn’t it crazy how tax deadlines can pop up out of nowhere? In the midst of college graduations, Mother’s Day shopping, and planning summer vacations for you or your family and friends, filing an IRS Form 990 by the May 15 deadline might not be at the top of your to-do list.

Fortunately, ExpressExtension offers IRS Form 8868 which can get you more time to file when you file by the IRS filing extension deadline. Here’s how IRS Form 8868 can change the 990 deadline for your exempt organization.

How IRS Form 8868 Can Change The 990 Deadline

Nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations are required to file a Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Form each year. Commonly referred to as a Form 990, this form is used to prevent organizations from taking advantage of their tax-exempt status along with providing the public with financial information about nonprofit organizations.

Organizations required to file a 990 tax form by Tuesday, May 15, 2018, can receive 6 extra months to file when they file an IRS Exempt Organization Form 8868 by the May 15th Tax-Exempt Deadline.

IRS Form 8868 is the tax extension form used by nonprofits, charities, and other tax-exempt groups to apply for an automatic 6-month extension to file their returns. Because this IRS filing extension is automatic, all you have to do is e-file and transmit it to the IRS by the May 15th deadline to get your tax extension Form 8868 approved almost instantly.

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Filing Tax Extension Form 8868

E-filing IRS Form 8868 is extremely easy. You can file a 990 extension in less than 2 minutes when you e-file with the #1 tax extension e-filing solution, ExpressExtension.

To file Form 8868 you first need to gather your organization’s basic details, which includes the organization’s name, address, EIN, tax year period, and which IRS 990 Form you typically file.

990 Filer receiving an extension of time to file Form 990Note: Make sure this information is accurate and matches what the IRS currently has on file for your exempt organization. Call the IRS at 1-877-829-5500 to verify these details, if needed.

Once you have gathered the necessary information to file, create or log in to your ExpressExtension account and click “Create Exempt Org Tax Extension” from your account Dashboard. Next, follow the step-by-step guide to complete tax extension Form 8868 online!

ExpressExtension’s tax filing website service keeps you informed throughout the Form 8868 extension filing process with real-time updates when the IRS receives your form and when it has been accepted. As soon as the IRS filing extension deadline has been accepted by the IRS, you will be notified via email and will instantly receive an additional 6 months to file your Form 990.

Once the 990 extension has been approved, your new filing due date will be November 15, 2018. File your IRS Form 990 and tax extension Form 8868 with TaxBandits, the e-filing software you can trust. TaxBandits’ comprehensive software is designed specifically for nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations and works to keep your organization compliant with the IRS all year long.

File Extension Form 8868 Before It’s Too Late!

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