Over The Horizon: Business Tax Returns

It’s a new year! And like a clock striking midnight, everything resets including the calendar tax year. Now we all know that taxes can be about as exciting as a stubbed toe, but you can’t take taxes too lightly – especially deadlines. One of the major tax deadlines that shows up early within the year is for businesses. But there’s no need to stress if you’re not yet ready. ExpressExtension has you covered with our simplified and quick tax extensions.

Business Extension Form 7004

Form 7004 is a business tax extension that can automatically extend your business tax deadline to either 5 or 6 months; it can be e-filed by Multi-Member LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, and Estates.

Important: Depending on which tax return form you’re filing, certain Partnerships, Trusts, and Estates are only able to apply for a 5 month tax extension.

To successfully e-file your business extensions, all you need is your business name, address, and Tax-ID/EIN; however, this information has to be same as what the IRS has on record. You can double-check your information with the IRS by calling 1-800-829-4933.

Steps to E-file
It couldn’t be made more simple. Just follow these small steps and you’ll be set for the next five or six months.

  • Step 1 – Create a FREE account
  • Step 2 – Select Create New Extension
  • Step 3 – Enter the required information 
  • Step 4 – Transmit to IRS

E-file Here, There, or Anywhere
With our Express7004 app, you have the added convenience of quickly e-filing your business tax extension wherever you are. Once you’ve downloaded the FREE app for either your iOS or Android device, you can follow the same four steps mentioned earlier to successfully transmit your business extension.

The Year of the Business Forms
Don’t forget – this year also implements the required Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting, which requires health insurance companies, employers, and some government entities to provide additional tax information under IRS Section 6055 and 6056. With our affiliate site, ExpressIRSForms.com, you can complete and e-file your ACA forms along with 1099s and W-2s all in one account. Create a FREE account and get started today!

Complete your extension form right now and only pay when you’re ready to transmit. For questions or further assistance, our live support team is more than happy to help you through the e-filing process. Give us a call at (803) 514-5155, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, or send us a message 24/7 at [email protected].

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