State Supported Extensions And Unique Tax Laws

Taxes is a word strong enough to cause headaches, confusion, and denial. Unless you’re an accountant they probably aren’t exciting, but they come back every year for you and your business to pay. Unfortunately, even if you’re a self-proclaimed tax expert, you have to remember that tax laws can change on a yearly basis, and each state has laws. Luckily ExpressExtension can help.


ExpressExtension will help you stay up to date with the most recent changes when it comes to filing business or personal income taxes.

Also, ExpressExtension knows that tax season can sneak up on you which is why they provide easy to fill out tax extension forms online, with step by step instructions on how to fill each for out.

This way you have a headache free way to get a tax extension in a matter of minutes. If your tax extension is rejected ExpressExtension will send you an email that lists why your form was rejected, with instructions on how to fix it. You can then resubmit your form as many times as your need.

Now since taxes vary by state ExpressExtension only can support business tax extensions for Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida. ExpressExtension also supports state extensions and personal tax extensions for Illinois, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Lucky states like Texas that don’t have an income tax don’t need to worry!

However, keep in mind that these extensions only extend your time to file your taxes, not to pay them. You still have to pay the tax due or your tentative tax by the deadline.

A tentative tax is a guess about how much money you owe. This tax is calculated before returns and tax credits are calculated so you may end up being refunded or owing more. Some people just use the amount of taxes they paid last year as their tentative tax.

Also, some extensions are automatic and some aren’t. If your extension is automatic then you don’t need to submit a reason for your extension, it will automatically be accepted. If the extension is nonautomatic then you’ll have to provide the IRS with a valid reason for needing your extension that the IRS may or may not approved.

Whacky State Taxes

Since each of the 50 states are all unique and we’re pretty sure that people from Oregon act a lot different than the residents of Florida we have some odd state taxes for you!

Have you ever considered a pet to be a family member? Well in North Carolina they are because they’re taxed as dependents. North Carolina residents must pay an annual personal property tax of $10 per cat and dog if they’re spayed or neutered, and $75 per cat or dog that’s over 4 months old if they haven’t be spayed or neutered.

Watch out guys, Missouri has a bachelor tax. In 1821 Missouri wanted young men to be pressured to get married so they applied an annual $1 tax on all unmarried men between the ages of 21 to 50! This law was passed back in 1821 when a dollar was worth a lot more.

Watch your altitude, unless you’re traveling! If you’re in a hot air balloon that’s tethered to the ground then it’s subject to the amusement act. However, if your balloon isn’t tethered then it’s considered travel, and that’s free. So, if you want to save a little it’s time to literally cut ties.

South Carolina was you to get married too, and their approach is a little nicer than a $1 bachelor fee! If newly married couples take a 6-hour premarital course that’s taught by an active clergy member or premarital counselor then you and your boo could receive a joint $50 tax credit.

Blueberries are serious business, especially in Maine where they produce over 75 million pounds of blueberries a year and produce 99% of the wild blueberries in the US! Maine taxes 1.5 cents per pound of blueberries, and the money goes to the promotion and research for wild blueberries and the Wild Blueberry Association of North America to keep the wild blueberry industry alive.

ExpressExtension is Here to Help

If you have any questions regarding your tax extension forms please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team via phone or email. Our goal is to help you state up to date with the latest tax law changes for income and personal taxes and to help you quickly and easily file an extension if need be.

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