Summer Startups with No Money Needed

Trying to break into the self-employment enterprise? You’ve probably thought extensively about the pros and cons of going into business for yourself – such as resources, type of management, and most importantly, financial support. It’s enough to keep you from ever attempting, right? But don’t let it discourage you – one way to kill a dream or idea is overthinking it.

Sometimes, it’s just best to inexpensively “test the waters” and get perspective about how things could work. And with these small business ideas that require little or no money, you can decide if entrepreneurship is a viable choice to explore.

eBay Merchant
It’s the old concept of buying cheap and reselling high, but with a digital twist. You won’t have to do much with the logistics, and the only other pocket expenses you could face starting out are shipping fees. Other than that, Summer would be a great time to run an online “garage sale.”

Cleaning Services
Whether you want to clean homes, offices, or vehicles, this is a venture you can get into with items you already have underneath the kitchen sink. Substantial success will most likely come from how well you market yourself – making your name known along with some outstanding customer reviews could lead to bigger contracts.

Delivery Driver

No, we’re not talking about promising a hot pizza in 15 minutes or less – unless that’s your core consumer base. But typically, in large metro areas, businesses need things delivered on a daily basis. All you’re required to do is to create a few flyers and cards, charge less than the competition, and then take advantage.

You may need to prove prior experience to back up your skill set, but there are numerous opportunities for writing and editing for others or even for established businesses. You can even subscribe to legit websites where companies nationwide outsource for this type of work. On a local level, transcription services are wanted by doctors and lawyers.

Landscaping/Lawn Care/Gardening

Just in time for Summer – a seasonal occupation that can have you outside enjoying the weather. Like the labor suggestions mentioned earlier, the key to growth is great marketing and beating out the local competition. And though the work may seem seasonal, there are ways to have work available all year long.

House or Pet Sitter
If you’re just looking to supplement your income, watching over someone’s house or pet is a good way to net some extra revenue. But as one online example shows, watching 20 dogs, five days a week, at $20 per dog yields about $4K a month – that’s living income in some areas.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just this list – there are many other ways you can test self-employment with little or no cash. If it works, take off with it. If not, at least you know being an entrepreneur isn’t for you.

The important thing to remember is that any cash earned by doing work for others is always taxable, and many business expenses can count as a deduction. If you need more filing time to get those amounts together, e-file IRS Form 4868 with Within minutes, you can file and get approved by the IRS for six extra months.

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