Easy Summer Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Summer is on the way along with some fantastic opportunities – and weather – for branding or marketing your small business or startup. The season can either cause profits to sizzle or business activity to roll at a snail’s pace. Whichever way it goes, be prepared to make your products or services the talk of the town with these blazing marketing techniques.
Holiday Plans
With holiday celebrations, comes explosive holiday sales. And your company is in prime position to bank from the three major summer holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.
Get creative with how you can attract consumers and other businesses – this can include offering spectacular deals and savings, or eye-catching marketing materials that express celebratory themes.
For more summer holiday ideas, check out our informative blog: 4 Ways to Increase Business During Summer Holidays.
Customer Appreciation
Bring in more business by showing your current clients just how much you appreciate their value. Host a picnic or a cookout open to the entire community, or get together with other local businesses and throw a special event.

As a bonus, you can take all your expenses for client entertainment and claim them as a tax write-off. In the end, it seems like a win-win situation – the customers are happy and talking about your business, and you managed to cut a little bit from your tax bill.

Giveaway Opportunity

There’s no doubt that giveaways are awesome with getting a client base excited about doing business with you. Use some creativity to incorporate a summer theme with your giveaway – you don’t necessarily have to give something that’s related to your business.

During the summer, people are typically at the beach, a cook-out, or on vacation. Why not offer something they can use at either of these summertime functions?

The Tourist Crowd
If your business is in a hotspot area for vacations, you can gain a significant boost from the tourism. Give a discount to anyone with an out-of-state license – you could even reward the locals with an exclusive deal for bringing in someone from out of town.

You could capitalize even more by teaming up with hotels and restaurants that agree to host your business flyers or brochures. And make sure that your company name is showing up in local online searches.

There are so many other ways to make this Summer work for you and your small business – all it takes is a little research and some creative thinking. And if you need to backtrack your summertime success during tax season, get more filing time with a tax extension with ExpressExtension.com.

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