A Guide to E-filing Form 4868 for the 2023 Tax Year with ExpressExtension

A step-by-step guide to e-filing your personal tax extension!
1040 deadline for tax year 2023

We’re getting down to the wire, “tax day” is just a few days away. If you are not confident that you can file your personal tax Form 1040 by the deadline, this is a great time to consider an extension. 

After all, filing an extension Form 4868 is always a much better option than facing potential IRS penalties. 

Form 4868 is an automatic extension, this means that the IRS doesn’t require any reason or justification to accept your extension request. However, the form must be filed with accurate information that matches the IRS records and by the deadline of the original deadline.

ExpressExtension is here to make your 4868 filing easier and more secure with all of our helpful features!

Steps for Filing 4868 with ExpressExtension:

1. Log in to your ExpressExtension account.

2. Click ‘Start New Personal Tax Extension (Form 4868)

If you are required to file a tax extension only for yourself. If you need to file an extension for multiple individuals, you can choose to bulk upload your 4868 data.

3. Indicate whether you are filing a “Single Return” or “Joint Return”.

Then, add your personal details (and your spouse’s, if applicable), such as Name, SSN, and Address.

4. Enter the estimated amount of taxes that you owe for this tax year

If you don’t owe any taxes, check the box to indicate this and proceed.

5. Select your payment method for your IRS Tax Payment

You have the option to choose from the following payment methods,

  • Electronic Fund Withdrawal (EFW) 
  • Check or Money Order
  • Credit or Debit card

6. Review the details you have entered on your Form 4868.

You have the option to edit any details if required.

7. Our internal audit system will review your form for any errors.

If there are any errors identified, you can fix them before transmitting.

Complete the payment and review the form summary.

8. Click ‘Pay and Transmit‘ to send your form to the IRS. 

Once transmitted, you will receive updates on the IRS status of your extension via email. You also have the option to opt for receiving updates via email and text notifications.

If you need any assistance during the filing process, feel free to reach out to our live customer support team!

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