Take the Risk out of Filing your Business Tax Extension this March 15 with our Express Guarantee!

Your Extension approved or your money back*

The deadline for S-Corporations, Partnerships, and a few other businesses to file their tax returns, such as Form 1120-S, 1065, etc., is March 15, 2024! With time running out already, filing a business tax extension now is the smartest way to avoid unnecessary penalties.

And when it comes to filing an extension with the IRS, there are a lot of myths out there, especially among business owners. Our team hears them all the time! Many business owners wonder if filing an extension for their tax returns is a misstep with the IRS. 

We are here to tell you, no, there is no reason to worry about filing an extension! At the end of the day, the IRS just needs businesses to file accurate returns on time, and if your business needs an extension to do this, that’s ok!

This is why the Business Tax Extension Form 7004 is an automatic extension, this means the IRS doesn’t require you to supply them with a reason for requesting the extension. Simplify follow the requirements for requesting an extension, and you will likely be approved! 

ExpressExtension takes the risk out of filing your business tax extension by providing you with a simple e-filing solution that comes with our Express Guarantee

The Benefits of E-filing Form 7004 

If you need to request an extension for your business and are debating whether to e-file or submit a paper form, e-filing is definitely the better choice. The IRS actually prefers e-filing over traditional paper filing because it allows them to process these forms at a much faster rate. Electronic forms also contain fewer errors. 

Another major benefit of e-filing your 7004 extensions is the fact that you will receive IRS status updates. When you mail in a paper form, there is no way of knowing whether the form was accepted, and if it is rejected, you may not know for a while. 

However, when you transmit your form to the IRS using ExpressExtension, you will receive instant status updates until the form is accepted. If by chance, the form is rejected, you will be notified and have the ability to correct and retransmit the form at no additional cost to you. 

Plus, our Express Guarantee takes this one step further!

What is our Express Guarantee?

Here at ExpressExtension, our team is all about taking the guesswork out of e-filing your extension. We are taking this concept to the next level by offering you our Express Guarantee. 

Our Express Guarantee removes all the risk from filing your Form 7004 extension. Under the Express Guarantee, if you file a form and it is rejected as a duplicate by the IRS, we will automatically refund your filing fee. 

This situation can happen on occasion when more than one extension is filed for the same EIN for the same tax year. A common example of this is that a business owner files an extension, and their CPA has already filed the extension on their behalf, resulting in a rejection for a duplicate filing. 

If your form is rejected for any other reason by the IRS, you are able to correct and retransmit it at no additional charge. Plus, we provide you with the IRS rejection code to help you correct your form. 

There you have it, the simplest option for filing your IRS tax extension! Are you ready to get started? Create your free ExpressExtension account today.


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