Extend Form 1120-S and 1065 Deadlines Effortlessly with ExpressExtension Form 7004 Filing

Which businesses have an upcoming IRS deadline and
Extend Forms 1120-S and 1065 by filing Extension Form 7004

As tax season unfolds, businesses are gearing up to meet crucial IRS deadlines. Among the imminent dates, Forms 1120-S, 1065, and 1042 stand out, with a due date of March 15, 2024.

Form 1120-S: Unveiling the Essentials for S Corporations

Form 1120-S, or the U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation, plays a pivotal role for small businesses structured as S-Corporations. This document is the conduit through which these entities convey income, deductions, credits, and other critical tax information to the IRS. Annual filing of Form 1120-S by S-Corporation shareholders ensures adherence to tax regulations and offers a comprehensive snapshot of the company’s financial landscape.

Form 1065: Navigating Partnership Tax Obligations

Form 1065, officially the U.S. Return of Partnership Income, is a cornerstone for partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) functioning as partnerships. Mandatory filing on an annual basis, this form provides an intricate breakdown of income, deductions, credits, and other pertinent financial details.

Form 1042: Facilitating Compliance for Foreign Income

Form 1042, the Annual Withholding Tax Return for U.S. Source Income of Foreign Persons, is indispensable for entities making payments to foreign individuals, partnerships, or corporations. Its role is to report income subject to withholding under U.S. tax laws. Any entity making such payments is obligated to file Form 1042 annually with the IRS, ensuring accurate reporting and compliance with U.S. tax regulations.

Despite their common IRS due dates, these tax forms share an additional feature – the potential for extension by filing Extension Form 7004. Enter ExpressExtension, a premier provider of IRS Tax Extensions, offering a solution for Form 7004 that is easy, secure, and efficient.

An Overview of Form 7004

Form 7004, officially known as the Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns, is a valuable tool for businesses seeking additional time to meet IRS filing deadlines. By E-Filing Form 7004, businesses can secure an automatic extension, providing up to 6 extra months to complete and submit various tax forms, including but not limited to Forms 1120-S and 1065. 

This extension allows businesses to navigate complex financial information with precision, ensuring accurate and timely submissions without the pressure of imminent deadlines. With ExpressExtension, the process becomes seamless, secure, and efficient, offering businesses the time they need for thorough preparation and compliance.

ExpressExtension: Streamlining 7004 Extension Requests

E-Filing Form 7004 is an optimal choice for businesses grappling with filing deadline constraints. This method not only steers clear of potential IRS late filing penalties but also guarantees acceptance when submitted accurately before the deadline. Significantly, the extension process is automatic, sparing businesses from the need to provide specific reasons.

With IRS Form 7004, businesses can extend their filing deadline by up to 6 months, shifting the due date to September 16, 2024. ExpressExtension continues to be the preferred platform for a swift and accurate Form 7004 submission.

ExpressExtension’s e-filing process remains user-friendly, guiding clients seamlessly through the form. The platform incorporates error checks, minimizing the risk of IRS rejections and ensuring compliance with the latest tax regulations.

ExpressExtension’s Money Back Guarantee

Beyond averting common errors, ExpressExtension elevates confidence in filing an IRS tax extension through its Express Guarantee. In the event of the IRS rejecting any business tax extension Form 7004 as a duplicate return, ExpressExtension promptly refunds the filing fee.

For 7004 forms facing rejection due to other errors, corrections and resubmissions are seamlessly executed at no extra charge. Furthermore, ExpressExtension provides clients with the specific error code issued by the IRS for rejection, empowering swift resolution and ensuring the extension’s acceptance. 

This commitment underscores ExpressExtension’s dedication to a secure, error-free extension filing experience for businesses. As tax season progresses, The ExpressExtension team is prepared to help businesses meet their tax obligations with confidence and ease by requesting an extension. 

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