Comprehensive Guide to Tax Deductions

We’re less than one week away from the start of Autumn. It’s just about time for flannel sheets, cool weather, colorful leaves, caramel apples, and all the other endless associations with Fall. But before we embrace the upcoming season, let’s reflect a little about this past Summer. Throughout the season, we’ve spoken about tax deductions and how you could use the extra time from your tax extension to find even more deductions you could qualify for.

These discussions on tax deductions are scattered throughout our ExpressExtension and ExpressTaxFilings websites. But we’ve gathered them all together to present to you a comprehensive guide to tax deductions. With these blogs, you can get a better understanding of the possible deductions you could take advantage of, and why filing a tax extension can still benefit you even if you have your tax information already prepared.

1. Maximizing Your Deductions
Here are ten of the most common tax credits and deductions that you most likely are eligible for during your next tax season. For more details on these deductions visit the IRS website or your local tax professional.

2. Personal Tax Tips: Job Hunt Expenses
One category you can look into for further deductions is employment. There are many reasons why people leave and seek new employment. By looking for a new job in the same line of work, you may be eligible to deduct some of the costs from your job hunt.

3. Moving Deductions
If you moved your home in order to start a new job, or to continue your current job at a new location, you can deduct certain moving expenses. However, there are a few rules from the IRS that apply to deducting your moving costs.

4. Tracking Your Tax Deductions
As stated by the IRS, miscellaneous deductions can cut through your taxes. These deductions can be a number of things like expenses you pay for in your line of work. To claim these costs, you have to itemize your deductions.

While each blog gives a general overview, you may want to consult a tax professional for any specific situations. Even if you’re ready to file your tax return, a second look may yield some extra money for you. And with ExpressExtension, you can automatically extend your tax deadline up to six months. We offer tax extensions for personal, business, tax-exempt returns. You can also e-file from wherever you may be with our mobile apps for Business Form 7004 (iOS/Android), Personal Form 4868 (iOS/Android), and mobile website for Tax-Exempt Form 8868.

For any questions or assistance with e-filing your extension, live professionals are available at our Rock Hill, South Carolina office. Feel free to call (803.514.5155, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST), e-mail ([email protected]), or chat with us (

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