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Find out How E-Filing a Tax Extension through ExpressExtension is beneficial! As this year’s tax deadlines approach, many businesses and individuals are stressfully and hastily preparing to file their tax returns. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Each year, an increasing amount of forward thinking individuals are filing Tax Extensions with the IRS.  There are many different ways to file, but there is none simpler than ExpressExtension.

ExpressExtension services to include the following:
*Business Tax Extensions – IRS Form 7004
*Personal Tax Extensions – IRS Form 4868
*Non-Profit Tax Extensions – IRS Form 8868

Although the IRS does not require a reason for filing a Tax Extension, there are many reasons that ExpressExtension may be beneficial.

  • ExpressExtension is an IRS authorized E-File Provider. ExpressExtension is IRS authorized, safe, secure and encrypted. The IRS has stated numerous times that E-Filing is the quickest and most secure way to file. ExpressExtension will send an email confirmation to the filing party as soon as the IRS processes the application.
  • Many Accountants and Tax Professionals are much busier in the spring than they are in the Fall. Filing for a Tax Extension makes it easier to get a proper amount of time with a Tax Professional.
  • Organizing all of the paperwork required for filing a tax return can be a daunting task. Extending the deadline for up to 6 months allows the taxpayer to organize all of their tax related documents so that they can better prepare returns and get the most credits and refunds as possible.
  • Self Employed Individuals funding a SEP IRA will also benefit from a Tax Extension because the deadline for funding this type of account is the tax due date.

ExpressExtension is the safest, fastest, most efficient, and most affordable way to file a tax extension with the IRS. With its streamlined design and user-friendly interface, ExpressExtension will walk you through each step of the process in less than 10 minutes. Everything is spelled out in easy to read instructions, not confusing tax jargon. However, should you have any questions about E-Filing Tax Extensions, you can call, email or chat online with the Express Tax Support Center in Rock Hill, SC at 803-514-5155 between the hours of 8am – 6pm EST, Monday through Friday or email [email protected].

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