File Tax Extensions 7004, 4868, 8868, and 8809 for the 2022 Tax Year Now!

New year, new deadlines, extend them with ExpressExtension!

With the new year comes many IRS deadlines! Whether you are an individual taxpayer, own a business, or are involved with the operations of a non-profit organization, filing tax returns is inevitable. 

However, needing more time to file them is perfectly normal, which is why the IRS offers automatic extensions for so many different tax forms. 

The IRS generally doesn’t require any reason for the extension, they just require that you complete and submit your request on or before the deadline. With accurate information, of course. 

To provide you with ample time to request an extension in advance, ExpressExtension has now started accepting tax extension Forms for the 2022 Tax Year.

Tax Extension Forms are Available from ExpressExtension for the 2022 Tax Year!

Here is an overview of the IRS tax extension forms supported by ExpressExtension for 

the 2022 tax year:

Form 7004 – Application of Extension of Time to File Certain Business Tax, Information, and Other Returns. 

Businesses that are considered a Corporation, C-corporation, S-corporation, LLC, partnership, trust, and estate can file Form 7004 to request an extension of up to 6 months on their Business Income Tax Return

Forms 1065, 1120-S, 1120, and 1041 are some examples of forms to which this extension applies. Learn more about Form 7004

Form 4868 – Application of Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.

Individual taxpayers can file Form 4868 to request an extension of up to 6 months to file their Personal Income Tax Returns

The forms that this extension applies to are Form 1040, 1040-NR, and more. Learn more about Form 4868

Form 8868 – Application of Automatic Extension of Time to File an Exempt Organization Return. 

Although non-profit and tax-exempt organizations are not required to pay taxes, they are required to file an annual tax return that provides the IRS with an overview of their financial activities, donations, programming, and more. 

Nonprofit Organizations can file Form 8868 and get a 6-month automatic extension to file the 990 series forms (Forms 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF, and 990-T) and a few other forms. 

Learn more about Form 8868

Form 8809 – Application of Automatic Extension of Time to File Information Returns. 

Businesses are required to file a variety of Information Returns with the IRS to report the payments made during the course of business, compensation paid to employees, health coverage information of the employees (ACA), and more. 

They can file Form 8809 with the IRS to request a 30-day extension. Common forms that can be extended by 8809 include Forms 1099, 1095, 1098, and more.

Learn more about Form 8809

Get Your Extension in Minutes with ExpressExtension!

In addition to offering the forms you need at an affordable rate, ExpressExtension also offers great features to help you file in minutes. 

  • You can file your extension from any device (Desktop, mobile, and tablet).
  • We provide real-time IRS status updates instantly for the extensions you file. Just check your email or track them in your account.
  • Easy options to pay your balance due to the IRS
  • With built-in error checks against the IRS Business Rules, our system ensures the accuracy of your forms.
  • Easily fill out and print state extensions for business and personal tax returns. 
  • Correct and retransmit any rejected forms 

If you need assistance throughout the filing process, as always, our live customer support team is available by phone, email, and live chat. 
Start Filing Now!

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