Happy Halloween from ExpressExtension

This weekend is the one all the kids having been waiting for, and probably a few adults as well. That’s right, the little ghouls and goblins will be out roaming the neighborhoods with bags for delightful treats. And while the sight may be a bit frightful, one thing you won’t have to be scared about is having enough time to file your tax return.
Your tax season may be over already, but tax preparation can be done year round. And if you anticipate any reason why you might have to file late, you can rest easy by e-filing a tax extension through ExpressExtension. E-filing an extension with our services is easy and can be done literally in minutes. In most instances, a reason for filing an extension isn’t even needed. And we offer tax extensions for exempt organizations, personal tax returns, and business tax returns.

Now that you have conquered your fear of the upcoming tax season, here are some tips, for you parents, found through the all-knowing Internet on keeping your little ghost, monster, princess, or superhero out of harm’s way this weekend:

  • Try to refrain from costumes with too much flowing fabric. These can easily catch an open flame from a Jack-O’-Lantern, or even cause trips and falls.
  • Use costumes with bright colors that can be spotted easily, or decorate it with reflective tape or stickers. Be sure to have a flashlight available as well.
  • Try face paints or makeup rather than masks, which can interfere with vision. If a mask must be worn, make sure it’s a firm fit with properly sized eye holes.
  • Double-check the treats that have been received. Throw away anything that appears altered, loosely wrapped, or just weird. If there is anything homemade, be sure it came from a person you know and trust.
  • Accompany your children trick-or-treating if they are under 13 years of age. If you have older children, be sure they are within a group following a predetermined route, and have a set time to return.
  • Step slowly when walking and be aware of vehicles. Look both ways and make eye contact with drivers when crossing and always use the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing the traffic and on the far left side.
  • Make sure your child knows to only approach well-lit houses and to wait on the porch within street view, and to never cross between parked vehicles.
  • Back out slowly if you’re driving and be attentive to the road at all times – no distracted driving.

Parents can find more information on keeping children safe year round through Safe Kids Worldwide and more Halloween safety tips with the American Academy of Pediatrics. We, at ExpressExtension, wish you all a safe and happy Halloween night.

Halloween may be a night of scares and frights, but don’t be scared to contact our live team of professionals if you have any questions, or need assistance, with e-filing your tax extension. We’re located in Rock Hill, South Carolina and are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at (803) 514-5155. We also offer 24/7 email at [email protected] and live chat at www.expressextension.com.

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