Smart E-filing with ExpressExtension Mobile Apps

Life moves fast – especially during tax season when we’re all racing to file before the IRS deadline.
Between getting all your financial statements in order, possibly meeting with tax professionals, and other daily responsibilities, why constrict yourself to only a desktop computer to e-file a tax extension?
Break loose from desktop restrictions and enjoy secure e-filing from any location with our FREE downloadable mobile apps for business, personal, and exempt organization extensions!

Freedom with Mobile E-filing
It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, as long as your mobile device has a stable connection, you can e-file quickly and securely with the IRS. With each of our mobile apps, you can conveniently access these time-saving features:

  • Complete and transmit tax extensions within minutes
  • Re-transmit any rejected extensions for FREE
  • View, download, or email copies of your approved tax extension
  • E-file multiple extensions from one account, if applicable
  • Get real-time email notifications for accepted and rejected extensions

ExpressExtension Mobile Apps
We offer a variety of tax extensions depending on which form you need; you can find our downloadable apps designed for your favorite brand name mobile devices.

  • Express 7004 App – E-file IRS Form 7004 for large businesses and get up to six months of extra filing time. All you need is your company name, address, tax identification number, and an estimate of what you may owe to the IRS. Download it for both iOS and Android handsets.
  • Express 4868 App – Transmit IRS Form 4868 and get an extra six months towards filing personal and small business taxes; it requires only basic personal information, and you can even e-file a joint extension. Available for iOS/Android devices.
  • ExpressTaxExempt – Form 8868 App – Submit IRS Form 8868 and receive an extension up to six months for nonprofits, charities, and other exempt organizations. You’ll need to know your basic organization details and tax year period. Get it for iOS or Android phones and tablets.

It’s important to remember that extensions only increase your time to file – not the time to pay any tax amounts. There are also other tax extension guidelines, such as filing before the original IRS due date, that apply. Our U.S. – based, e-file experts are available to assist with the e-filing process – call us at 803.514.5155, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. We’re also available via email with [email protected].

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