The 411 on How to File Tax Extension IRS Form 8809

Tax season is in full swing. The business tax return deadline just passed, and the deadline for information returns and personal tax returns are right around the corner. If you are not prepared for the Information Return deadline on April 2nd then here is the 411 on how to file tax extension IRS Form 8809.

The 411 on How to File Tax Extension IRS Form 8809

Tax extension IRS Form 8809 is the form used by businesses to receive an automatic 30-day extension to file their ACA, 1099 Forms, and information returns with the IRS.

Use IRS Form 8809 to request an extension of time to file forms:

  • 1042-S
  • 1094-C, 1095
  • 1097, 1098, 1099
  • 3921, 3922
  • 5498, and 
  • 8027

How Do I Fill Out IRS Form 8809?

Businesses must provide taxpayer information as required and check the box for which type of form you need more time to file. The IRS does not require you to give a reason for filing an IRS extension. You can mail in an extension, but when you e-file with ExpressExtension, you will be notified that it was accepted. 

When Should I Apply For An IRS Extension?

IRS Forms
Original IRS Deadline
Form 1042-S
March 15
Form 1094-C
April 2
Form 1094-C
April 2
Form 1095
April 2
Form 1097
April 2
Form 1098
April 2
Form 1099
April 2
Form 3921
April 2
Form 3922
April 2
Form W-2G
April 2
Form 8027
April 2
Form 5498
May 31

IRS 2017 Extension Form 8809 Requirements

To file IRS Extension Form 8809, you will need the following information:

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Phone Number
  • Form Code

How to E-file IRS 2017 Extension Form 8809

  • Create Account with ExpressExtension
  • Add Employer Details
  • Indicate Forms to be Extended
  • Enter Payer Details
  • Pay and Transmit Directly With The IRS

IRS Penalties For Filing Late or Failing to File

Filing Conditions
Businesses With More Than $5 Million in Gross Receipts
Businesses With Less Than $5 Million in Gross Receipts
Form filed no more than 30 days late
$50 per return, $529,500 maximum
$50 per return, $185,000 maximum
Form filed 31 days late but before August 1st
$100 per return, $1,589,000 maximum
$100 per return, $529,500 maximum
Form filed August 1 or not at all
$260 per return, $3,178,500 maximum
$260 per return, $1,059,500 maximum
Intentional disregard to file
$520 per return, no maximum
$520 per return, no maximum

Are you ready for stupidly simple e-filing?

We know that as a millennial nothing induces anxiety more than the thought of ……. a phone call. With our step-by-step instructional software, there is no need to call the IRS.

We are an IRS-authorized e-file provider of business information return extension forms. Our cloud-based software will transmit your Form 8809 safely and securely to the IRS.

E-file in a matter of minutes, and once completed you will be notified of the status of the IRS approval. Avoid hefty IRS penalties by filing your IRS 2017 extension Form 8809 today!

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