4 Productivity Tips to Beat the Summertime Slump

Even though the kids are heading back to school, and the preseason games have started for all you football fans, the summertime isn’t quite over yet.
Many of you may find the last few weeks of Summer distracting – the mid-day crowds are disappearing, and people returning to their post-Summer routines.
For those of you with startups or small businesses, this could lead to extra time on your hands – time you can use to enjoy the last bit summer weather without the masses. While it’s completely fine to feel this way, you should also make sure your work doesn’t fall behind.

Nothing is more important to a small business than productivity. Here are few tips you can use to remain on top of your work and still enjoy these last, fleeting days of Summer.

Start Work Early
A morning routine helps your mind become focused earlier in the day. You could schedule your meetings with clients or employees during the morning hours – be sure to keep them on time. Based on how early you start your day and how much you have to do, you could find yourself with more tasks accomplished before noon.

Take a Break
Sometimes the urge to be outside the office is too high. No matter what you do, your mind just isn’t focused on work and time is wasted. In this situation, just go outside. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to just be out the office – get something to eat, enjoy the weather, or even work while outside. When you get done doing what you want to do, it’s a bit easier to concentrate on what you need to do.

Work Ahead of Schedule
If you’re finishing up early on a day you really can’t enjoy, due to rain, extreme heat, or whatever, continue with what you have planned for tomorrow or even the rest of the week. Completing assignments in advance can free up time on days you want to enjoy. At the very least, it’ll keep projects on schedule if anything unexpected happens.

Be Mindful of Your Team
It’s a bit frown upon just taking care of yourself and leaving your team to struggle. If you plan on finishing and leaving early, you should understand your team has that option too. You can’t expect them to do more work you’re not willing to do yourself. Before you set yourself up to make the most of the end of Summer, make sure your team is covered and can take off early too if necessary.

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