Today is the Deadline to File your Business Tax Extension!

File your extension by midnight!

The clock is ticking, there are only a few hours left for the IRS to accept business tax extensions! If you have a business income tax deadline today, you have until midnight to complete and file it!

You may have procrastinated a bit and waited until the final hours, but you can still extend your deadline. All you need is a simple solution, that’s where ExpressExtension comes in!

Here is your guide for filing a last minute Form 7004 extension. 

Gather the Information you Need

Having all of the necessary information at your disposal will allow you to file your 7004 much faster. You will need to know the following to complete your extension in minutes. 

  • The business type you are filing for (business, corporation, estate,trust, ect.)
  • The basic information regarding your business, corporation, estate, or trust, such as the name, address, and tax identification number.  
  • Which tax form you need to file an extension for
  • The start and end date of your tax year
  • Do you have a tax payment, what is the estimated amount? 
  • If you owe a balance to the IRS, which method would you prefer for making the payment? 

Understand How your Extension Works

When filing your Form 7004 extension, be sure to fully understand what this means for you and your organization. For example, the extension is automatic, as long as you provide accurate information and complete it today!

But how long is the extension and what does it apply to? Your extension will extend your deadline for your tax return, however, if you have a tax payment due to the IRS, you will need to make your payment on the original due date. You can do this with ExpressExtension, which brings us to our next point, getting started.

Getting Started with ExpressExtension

ExpressExtension takes all the guesswork out of filing your extension, which is great because you are out of time for guessing! To begin the process, simply log in to your existing account or create a free account here.

Now there are only three simple steps left to e-filing

  1. Choose your business type and extension form
  2. Select the tax year and enter your payment details
  3. Review and transmit your extension to the IRS

Check out this video to see the process in action!

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